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Welcome to deanaholics!
LJ's Only Dean Martin Community!


Please be kind to EVERYONE. We all love Dean, and that means we have to stick with each other ;) Dean would've wanted it that way anyway!
All HUMUNGOUS pictures (more than 200x200) and all graphics must be under a cut. I'm not joking about this one. You can put a few teasers in your entry if you're making an icon post, but PLEASE put the rest of them underneath a cut!
All promotions go behind a cut also! I'm not against promos, but if you're making one (especially one with a banner), PLEASE put it behind a cut! And make sure to state what's behind the cut in the cut header.
Please make an introduction post! We all want to know who you are and why you love Dean so much, so tell us a little bit about yourself!
NO HATING ON DEAN. Trust me, you hate on Dino, and you WILL get jumped :P
NUMBER ONE RULE! Have fun! This is a laidback place to talk about the one and only Dean Martin<3

This little place is moderated by ratpackfanatic, so if you have any trouble, let her know!


If Elvis can idolize him, that gives us all the more reason to!